A Christmas Carol, etal.

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A Christmas Carol, et al.

It is nearing Christmas and you are planning on attending  ‘ A Christmas Carol’, or maybe the ‘Nutcracker’ at your local high school or community theatre, or even on a large stage in your downtown.  Maybe you will simply view one or both of these productions on your small screen (TV). 

Jacob Marley Adult CostumeScrooge Adult Costume

Charles Dickens didn’t need costumes because the ‘costumes of today’ were the clothing of Dicken’s day. 

But these live productions and many others require costumes to support their productions.  Where do they come from?  Obviously, they have been constructed at some time or another and have been held in storage of one type or another for a year, or many years.

The easy way out is for your community theatre group to borrow the costumes from another group, or their local college if they are available.  They might even have their own sewing wizards who construct the costumes themselves.  Hmmm…then they could either rent them or loan them out the following year. Lastly, they might rent them out from their local costume company. 

So as you enjoy your evening at out at the theatre, and take in the storyline and acting; take a minute to look at the costuming which puts it all together.


Just a little sidebar on period hats, especially men’s hats.  It’s possible to sew many garments, but period hats, ala Dicken’s, are nearly impossible.  If you need to buy a hat (and they are pricey), feel free to contact us and we will help you in any way we can.

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