Thanksgiving and the Costumes of Christmas Present

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Thanksgiving… A day of rest, relaxation and overindulgence, and the last day before our annual Christmas surge of Santa suit rentals and sales, and Santa wigs and beards sales and all the other Christmas costumes and accessories.

Thanksgiving… The day before all the office, church, school, organization and association Christmas parties begin prepping for the first 2 or three weeks of December. The Snowmen are clean, the Reindeer are groomed. The Toy Soldiers are lined up in a row. Elf suits galore, as are Santa Belles and Mrs. Santa’s. A Nutcracker or two. Not to forget the array of Christmas Carol characters, Scrooge, Bob Cratchit and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. We have white eyebrows and glasses and makeup for rosy red lips and cheeks for Santa; and gloves, and even padding, too. You forgot the Santa bells (not the Santa Belles) to ring out when Santa arrives? We have them as well.

But for Thursday , today, a couple of we Pilgrims and a scattering of Native American friends will be breaking bread, followed by an afternoon of college and professional football. Hmmmm….I don’t remember football games in ’21………..1621, that is..


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