Masks for Halloween!

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Masks for Halloween

Not always the most comfortable of disguises, but masks can create an interest and mystique.  And the range of masks is wide-spread from a simple black eye mask (ala the ‘Lone Ranger’ to very large heavily plumed, and/or feathered masks. 

Sequined masks always have an appeal not only because they are pretty, but just a glint in the right lighting might catch the eye of the beholder (you know, the guy you are interested in).

At any costume shop, you will see a wall filled with every monster mask known to mankind.  Some are face masks (which cover the entire front, but not the back or sides), some cover ¾ of the head, and some are overhead masks.  The mask of the incumbent President and some of his predecessors will be featured on these shelves or walls.  Perhaps another politicl figure. An assortment of cartoonish characters may also grace the ‘wall of infamy’.  Most of these masks are made of vinyl or rubber.

The caveats to wearing a vinyl/rubber mask are many, but the main two are the inability to drink (other than through a straw) comfortably; limited vision because the openings for visibility might be an inch or so from the eye.  And lastly, because of the materials used, and depending upon how much of the head is covered, these masks can be very, very warm.  But then again, some people like it hot.

There are clear plastic frontal masks of a young man or woman, or an elderly man or woman.  Clear plastic is opaque so they allow the skin tones to show through but distort the features of the wearer. 

There are also ‘hoodwink’ masks that have no eye openings at all.  Sorry, I forgot.  These are used by those people who need total darkness when they sleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!


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