Halloween is Only 365 Days Away

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Halloween is Only 365 Days Away

It’s never too early to plan for next Halloween.  It’s only 365 days away and the countdown starts now.

So after 5 or 7 or 9 years of buying costumes, you should have a decent wardrobe for next year.  If you have enough, you might be able to take one part from one costume and another part from another costume and even make a ‘new’ costume.

If you don’t have enough bits and pieces to make another costume, this is a great time to ‘buy forward, so to speak.

The Halloween shops have probably closed, packed and vacated your city by now; but if you have a local costume shop, they may or may not be willing to wheel and deal.  No merchant wants to carry over their inventory until next season.

Some merchants have up to a 60% off of selected items for a limited time. You might want to take a look before these deals go away.    Or check our Amazon Halloween costume store (look for the tab below our banner).  If we find any, we will post them today or in a day or so.

And guess what’s coming up soon?  More Thanksgiving stuff on our Amazon Store. Click tab right below the banner on top of this page.


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