Sexy Costumes-Coquettish, Cute, Comfortable!

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 Sexy Costumes-Coquettish, Cute, Comfortable!

Costumes shown above are available at Annie’s Costumes.  Annie’s ad appears as ‘Halloween Costumes’ in column to the right of this article.

Sexy Devils, sexy angels, sexy witches, sexy cats, sexy nurses!   Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!

And most have one thing in common, cleavage and/or legs. 

One’s figure might be factored into this sexy equation.  Sometimes the wrong form in the wrong costume might be a formula for dis-ass-ter.  And even if one’s figure is not that of an hour glass, then a little camouflaging might be in order.

An old friend used to say “Don’t give ‘em the whole show”.  Agreed!  A little cleavage and a nicely turned ankle oft times is much more alluring than near nudity.

With a nip and a tuck here and there, almost any kind of costume can be converted into a ‘sexy this or sexy that’.

Fishnet hose or fishnet tights are usually an integral part of a sexy costume.  One word of caution.  Always wear mesh tights or hose with a seam in the back, and to make sure that seam is straight.  I’m sure you have a ‘significant other’ that will volunteer to make sure that seam is straight, while casting an admiring glance. 


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