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A Little Valentines Day History

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A Little Valentines Day History

Originally, the feast day of St. Valentine honored two third century martyrs by the name of Valentine who were elevated to sainthood in the early middle ages. Dismayed defenders of the faith felt that the penny post valentine cheapened affection, and joked that many a postal carrier was crushed under his bag of cheaply-produced letters strewn with cooing birds and hearts.

To manage the paradox that a generic, mass-produced valentine was being asked to convey a heartfelt, singular emotion, a whole new business emerged of “valentine writer books.” These books provided verses that could be copied into a valentine and presented as the sender’s own words and unique creation.

So, all you cranks and cynics take heart: Valentine’s Day had a decidedly unromantic genesis, and even after the holiday got alloyed to romantic love, it had its own subversive, cynical undertow right from the start, whether it be the riots and effigies of failed love, the charivari mockery valentines, or the valentine writer’s plagiary book to achieve “authentic” expression.

In addition to regular and plus size Valentines Day costumes, you will find that the costume companies also have Valentine’s Day decorations for your home, car, dorm room, office and even a car. It’s quite romantic to go out to your car and see a Valentine’s Day decoration on the windshield (just be sure to sign it so that she/he knows that it’s from you.).