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Halloween is Only 365 Days Away

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Halloween is Only 365 Days Away

It’s never too early to plan for next Halloween.  It’s only 365 days away and the countdown starts now.

So after 5 or 7 or 9 years of buying costumes, you should have a decent wardrobe for next year.  If you have enough, you might be able to take one part from one costume and another part from another costume and even make a ‘new’ costume.

If you don’t have enough bits and pieces to make another costume, this is a great time to ‘buy forward, so to speak.

The Halloween shops have probably closed, packed and vacated your city by now; but if you have a local costume shop, they may or may not be willing to wheel and deal.  No merchant wants to carry over their inventory until next season.

Some merchants have up to a 60% off of selected items for a limited time. You might want to take a look before these deals go away.    Or check our Amazon Halloween costume store (look for the tab below our banner).  If we find any, we will post them today or in a day or so.

And guess what’s coming up soon?  More Thanksgiving stuff on our Amazon Store. Click tab right below the banner on top of this page.



One last chance…..

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One last chance…..

Today is the last day of the Halloween costume season (from a costumer’s perspective) even though it’s October 28.  There may be a scattering of parties this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but not as many as this evening.

Most wearers of costumes over the next few days will be by ‘trick-n-treaters’ and those so fortunate as to be able to dress in a Halloween costume at work.  

Bobble Head Pumpkin Adult Costume

This evening, no matter what time your local costume shop closes, there will be somebody pounding at their door five or 10 minutes AFTER closing time, begging and pleading to get in to make a ‘quick’ last minute purchase (which usually took a half an hour or more when we did yield and let them in). 

Will that be you?

At this stage, you might want to just take an old sheet, cut a couple of eye holes in it and go as your favorite ghost. 

You might want to wrap that sheet around you, and go as a Roman senator or a Roman goddess.

It’s creative time.  As in earlier posts, put something, anything together and give it a name.  Remembering an earlier post…”if you can name it, you have a costume”.

If you have a party still coming up or you want to prepare for next year, just go back to previous articles on this site for some great ideas.


NOTE:  Next week, midweek, we will provide you with a few tips so as to prepare for NEXT Halloween.  Also, we will start our Christmas and Santa Claus costume posts about mid-November….so please come back soon!  


Thrift stores. The Cheap…um…er…Creative Way Out.

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Thrift stores 

The Cheap…um…er…Creative Way Out 

I can’t afford to buy or rent a Halloween costume this year.  I’ve looked in my closet, garage and basement and don’t have anything that I can convert to a Halloween costume.  What do I do?  What do I do?

When I was active in the costume industry, it was routine to haunt the second hand stores or thrift stores for something useable, convertible and nicely priced. 

The local ‘Salvation Army’ or ‘Goodwill Industries’ might have a store near you that might help you solve your problem.  There, too, are a scattering up upscale thrift stores near the more affluent areas.   Since you never know what will be in any one store at a given time, visiting several might be a good idea.

Pinstripe Gangster Adult Costume                                                 Gangster Moll 6 Button Double Breasted (Black/White) Adult Plus Costume

A double breasted suit can be easily converted to a ‘gangster suit’ with a black shirt and white tie.  Add a plastic machine gun and a fedora and you are ‘Al Capone’. A business suit and a beret or tam and you can be “Al’s’ gun moll.

A prom dress?  Bwala!  A princess!    And you never know what you might be able to build out of a few accessories.

Prom Queen Adult Costume

 Thrift stores are a goldmine of Halloween costumes ideas. 


OOPS! What About Footwear?

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It’s Almost Halloween Costume Party Time…

and OOPS! What About Footwear? 

It’s still a few days away, and most of the final touches have been made to your Halloween costume.  Maybe a tuck here or a minor adjustment there, but you are ready to go. 

OHMYGOSH!  (or use another expletive if you prefer)   You forgot about what shoes or footwear to use with your Halloween costume. 

Roman Adult SandalsJuliet (Black) Adult Shoes

Not a big problem if you are wearing a long gown or a witches robe, although you should try to match the colors up as best you can just in case someone gets a glance at your feet.  Black always works.  Maybe using a can of spray paint over some old, throwaway shoes might work as well.

 But a prima ballerina in sneakers leaves a lot to be desired.  In this case, not wearing any footwear at all might be the best option.

 Fake boots can be made easily out of a vinyl material and creating a boot cover (no soles or heels, just sides).  Perhaps attaching buckles to a pair of shoes might create a Louis XIV type of shoe wear.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow Child Boot CoversMilitia Adult BootsJester Adult Shoes

No old throwaway shoes?  Perhaps a visit to the thrift store?



What Halloween Costume is in Your Closet?

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What’s in your closet?  

A Halloween costume, perhaps?

What Halloween Costume is in Your Closet.  You can create a terrific costume by using things you have in your closet with the addition of some make-up and accessories.  How easy is that?

Do you have an old graduation robe?  A tube of green make-up, a scraggly black wig, and a witch’s hat – Voila!  If you’re really feeling adventurous, add a fake nose & a wart or two.  Grab a broom & you’re ready to go.

Bridesmaid’s dresses are usually shoved to the back of the closet.  Bring them back out into the open!  Add a sash and some smeared mascara and you just became the loser in a beauty pageant!

Your torn, paint-splattered work clothes can turn you into a slasher victim.  Wrap some bandages around your body; add some fake blood and you are ready to go.  Word of warning: fake blood will stain clothing and skin – so don’t wear anything you don’t want ruined!

Make-up, wigs, and hats can turn the most basic wardrobe item into a costume.  Let your imagination run wild!



Makeup and Accessorize

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Makeup and Accessorize 

Paint on a mustache with a black greasepaint stick, add a pair of horn rimmed glasses and a cigar….and there you have it.  Groucho!   A short blond curly wig and a bicycle horn (a white or tan duster if you can find it).  And there you have Harpo.

A little makeup here, or a special hat there, or a cane or a pair of red suspenders.  It takes a little imagination, and not much money to come up with that perfect Halloween costume.

A trip to your local costume store?  Probably a great idea to get great ideas for makeup and accessories.  While you’re there, look at the makeup display case and see what you can see.

Nose putty?  You can build a new nose, or re-shape your nose, or just add a wart or two.  With an adhesive like spirit gum, you can even rebuild your chin.   Your new nose and chin will need some makeup to help blend it in with the rest of your face.  Green greasepaint or a water soluble cream makeup or pancake helps make a great witch or Frankenstein.

If you want to be a clown or a mime, then a tube of clown white will do the trick.  Put it only very lightly though, and suddenly you become very pale in appearance….almost Ghostly or Vampirish.  Clown White can be cream base or water base, each having its own advantages.  Some shops might also carry it in pancake.

Crepe hair is a well known product available at the full service costume shops; and can be used to make mustaches and beards, or even hairy faces like a werewolf.  If you are into monsters and vampires, then makeup is the best way to go about it.

For great makeup ideas, visit your local library and borrow a copy of Richard Corson’s “Stage Makeup”, one of the best makeup books ever published on makeup.   It is also for sale at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  As you scan through this book, you will find numerous ideas that you may want to implement.  Then off to your local costumer.

‘Stage Makeup’ as shown above is available through Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and many other booksellers. Earlier editions are also available.

<All makeup items above are available via our Amazon Halloween Store>


Plus Size Halloween Costumes

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Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Wear to find great Halloween plus size costumes?  OK, that’s a joke, I know how to spell “where”.  The answer is as close as your laptop or desktop.  In the case of the flapper costume shown below, I did a Google search and found this listed under ‘plus size costumes for women’ at Amazon.com.

And there are myriads of costume shops that also carry plus sizes.  Just visit your local costume shop.

Here are several other plus size costumes for women that are available at Amazon.com.  Click on the Amazon Halloween Store bar above. 


41swMX0gzLL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_ 41+PX9IzzdL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_ 41CNEabCosL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_ 31G-6Ck9KYL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_41zJe9VB7JL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_ 51g2EDX-SiL._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_

<All costumes above available through our Amazon Costume store>


Halloween Costumes Ideas For Halloween Partys

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Halloween Costumes Ideas For

Halloween Parties

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Halloween Partys.  If you want to enjoy Halloween as children do, why not go as a baby girl and a baby boy? All you need would be baby blue and baby pink rompers plus matching pacifiers as accessories and you are all set. There are hundreds of Halloween costumes for couples that you can consider. You may even choose to be celebrity couples and go as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or you can go as Barack and Michelle Obama even. Even the Trumps if you prefer. These couples Halloween costumes are always very fun and when you go for these costumes, there are more chances for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Historical themes have been popular for ever so long. You can dress up as Adam and Eve – a theme that is popular even today. Of course Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra are still a favorite with everyone. You can dress up as a couple from the 50’s. 60’s, 70’s or the 80’s and make everyone relate to that period. Gods and Goddesses of the Greek and the Roman period can also be represented. You can also wear the costume to represent Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or any other political or Hollywood celebrity couple

If you start your shopping early and have a theme idea, you will be amazed at the assortment of Halloween costumes out there made for couples. There are costumes that are inexpensively priced and there are some that are more expensive, depending on your idea and if you plan to reuse the costume for all the parties this year. True, you get what you pay for, but with a Halloween costume that is not as important. This is something you may only wear this year, and maybe even only one time, so feel free to browse the clearance and sales items with no guilt.

Costumes have become the ultimate attire for celebrations during Halloween or other theme parties. The online world is full of fancy dress stores where people can either buy or rent out Halloween costumes for adults, kids & couples. Famous couples costume ideas are great for married couples attending a Halloween or a masquerade ball party. Couples Halloween costumes made up with a combination of little humor & thrill are always appreciated in Halloween. There are numerous famous couple ideas for Halloween & choosing the perfect match for a couple can really be a challenge.

Having a conflict with what to wear?  What usually happens is that the man may or may not want one character that the woman may want or vice versa. Making a choice on Halloween costumes is not tough if you are willing to put in some time. For starters, simple things like taking dresses out of TV characters like Lady and the Tramp, and others, could work well for you. If you wish to be the talk of the party, all you have to do is apply some thought. By using accessories you can spice up your costume on any budget.




Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

When thinking of Halloween costume ideas for couples, you will find that they are available in a wide array of things. Some of the different choices you may find could be a popular celebrity couple or something more unique like various food items that go together. There are hundreds of different Halloween costume ideas for couples that will lean more towards the unusual, odd, comical or just plain different types of Halloween costume ideas for couples. Some of these Halloween costumes ideas for couples are pretty simple to put together, while others may be a bit more difficult to put together. Halloween costumes designed for grownups can often mean complimentary costumes for young couples

One quite easy pair of Halloween costumes for a couple is also economical and rapid to put together.It’s based on a play on words * “sick and tired” * where both partners dress in pajamas.One partner carries a pillow and a blanket (worn out), the other features a bottle of medication and a box of tissues, (not well).Various other Halloween couple costumes for Halloween could be the “frog and princess” or “Jekyll and Hyde” or “Romeo and Juliet”.Obviously you need to go jointly for the full effect, but you’re only restricted by your creative imagination. Groups of buddies who will attend the functions, naturally can go because the Justice League. The Justice League’s members are well-rounded and are sufficient to accommodate a group of five or six. They can make their grand entrance in these events carrying extravagant and eye-catching costumes of various colours. Group members can also come because the village men and women. The character costume, of course, would vary from each and every member of the group.

Wearing costumes as groups, would permit individuals to be associated with their group rather than being observed as an individual entity. Halloween costume ideas for couples , is also becoming popular. Many people like to dress up as famous couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or may be Russell Brand and Katy Perry. A more conventional approach would be to dress as President and First Lady, or Adam and Eve (with carefully placed fig leaves). Another approach to the costumes for couples to go as a pair of classic cartoons such as Aladdin and Jasmine “Beauty and the Beast” The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, or Homer and Marge Simpson. There are over thousands of Halloween outfits to choose from but what makes it unique is totally up to you. You can look online to see one of a kind Halloween costumes you can use for a Halloween event or you can always make one out of everything you can find in your house. Take for example your dirty clothes, you can always improvise it by smudging ketchup, mustard and paint to give you that murky and foul look. Let someone else do the make-up for you then you are on your way to becoming a zombie from Walking Dead.


Couples and Halloween Costumes

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Couples and Halloween Costumes

Costumes have become the ultimate attire for celebrations during Halloween or other theme parties. The online world is full of fancy dress stores where people can either buy or rent out couples and Halloween costumes for adults, kids.  Famous couples costume ideas are great for married couples attending a Halloween or a masquerade ball party. Couples Halloween costumes made up with a combination of little humor & thrill are always appreciated in Halloween There are numerous famous couple ideas for Halloween and choosing the perfect match for a couple can really be a challenge.

For a lot of couples, Romeo and Juliet gives them the chance to be romantic but take into account that these two die.  Another couple that you may wish to emulate would be Jack and Kate from Titanic, but just be sure that you find a balcony where you can pose with your lady love and declare that you are the king of the world.If your Halloween party happens to be on a boat then this costume is perfect but you may want to keep an eye out for any icebergs just in case.You can fashion your own out of cardboard or you can just buy them online.

Finding the perfect costume is hard to do but there are many Halloween costume ideas out there that are ideal for couples including the Romeo and Juliet costumes With Romeo and Juliet costume Halloween – Costume -Ideas-for- Couples, you would have found a superb alternative to wear a costume, which is best suited for Halloween If there is something you want to remember, it is that this play happened in the 14th Century in Verona, Italy. As Romeo and Juliet’s dresses are raking up a lot of popularity, they seem to be one of the best Halloween Costume Ideas for couples around.

One such tradition would be to wear costumes, intended originally from frightening away the spirits of the departed, today we don costumes to be able to scare other folks.This practice makes Halloween a great time for both older people and for children to put on unusual costumes and do some pretending.While there are several web sites or party shops that might offer you a  

ready made Halloween costume, if you would like to certainly be a bit unique and not look just like everyone else, you could try creating your very own original Halloween getup.

The costumescostumescostumes.net website has everything that you’ll require when looking for your Halloween outfit. Including a number of different costumes which are presently in fashion with this year.  A number of them include clothes from films for example Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Harry Potter, and also the Eco-friendly Lantern.Another trending costume for women during the last couple of years is Peacock Costumes.  It only appears to become attaining recognition, and new costumes are now being manufactured every year.