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Thanksgiving Day Costumes

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Thanksgiving Day Costumes

Pilgrim costumes are important to Americans, as they were the clothing worn by our ancestors when they participated in the first Thanksgiving celebration with the Native Americans in the region they settled. My wife always wears a sexy pilgrim costume for me when we heat up left-overs. She also wears this outfit on other occasions as well not to be mentioned here. Having some sexy costumes on hand make a dull occasion, a fun occasion. 

Women’s Pilgrim Costumes are true to the authentic style of Pilgrim clothing. The ladies pilgrim dresses featured a long black dress with long wide sleeves. It may be simple, but the look of it instantly puts you in the mood for turkey.

Men’s Pilgrim Costumes are also an accurate example of early settler’s wardrobe. The men’s costume features a black jacket with a white collar and cuffs, black pants, white socks and a pilgrim hat.


The most obvious and most popular Thanksgiving costume for adults is the turkey Thanksgiving costume and this will certainly get the party going and spice up the dinner table atmosphere if you dress up in one of these!

There are also a selection of Thanksgiving costumes for kids that reflect the history of the reason for the Thanksgiving celebrations; and Thanksgiving outfits for toddlers that are really cute.