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We don’t rent or manufacture Halloween costumes anymore, but we do advise and suggest about the wide world of theatrical and masquerade costumes and costuming and other related topics such as stage makeup.  Periodically we touch on the many other areas of the performing arts such as ballet, magic, opera, puppets and ventriloquism.

My name is Russ Kampmann, and since 1965 I have been the CEO and chief bottle washer for a firm that was established in 1860 (the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president). Originally a combination grocery and saloon; and after a few iterations, it eventually evolved into the home to a few websites of which I own and manage of which this is one.

In between the grocery, saloon origin and the websites, the family added novelties and porcelain dolls from German.  Soon after, costumes were added to the diversification that the firm was bordering on.   Buying out of date clothing, and out of style military uniforms became the stock and trade of the business for many years.

A fire ended the brick and mortar in 1989, but the business continued and still continues till today.

My having been in the theatrical and masquerade business for 50-ish years does not necessarily prove my honesty, but it does prove my longevity. The year 1965 (listed above) might give you a clue as to my age. (:>) The video on the home page is what I really look like. Old, eh?

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