Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

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Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

Halloween, Masquerade, Mardi Gras, Theatrical, Santa’s,  Valentines Day, Easter Bunnies, Mascots, Stage Makeup, Masks, Disguises

Our company started in 1860. That’s not a typo….1860!  That was before Abe Lincoln was President of the United States. That’s a lot of years of experience!

We have serviced the theatrical industry, national chains, the general public, and now, YOU!  Let us help provide you with costume solutions to your costuming questions.

To find your local costume store, click here > Costumers.org

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Our Amazon Costume Store

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Just CLICK”  the Amazon Costume Store tab (directly above)  

And BEWARE, the prices on our site may or may not coincide with the Amazon site.  We have been trying to make this fix, but unsuccessfully so far.


See ya on the inside! 



Old Television Shows and TV Personality Costumes

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 Old Television Shows and Television Personality Costumes

From ‘Mr. Television’, Milton Berle (oh, you never heard of him?) and his outlandish, clownish costumes and makeup to M*A*S*H and its assorted military characters from the Korean War, come another huge category of possible Halloween costume ideas.  All from old television shows and television personalities.


Hoop Clown Adult Costume

Costumes shown above are available at Buycostumes.com.  See ads in right column.

There were a rash of Western TV shows (‘Bonanza’, ‘Rawhide’, ‘Gunsmoke’ with Matt and Kitty) and their assortment of western garb, replete with a six-shooter or two) in the 50’s, 60’s.  

For you futuristic fans, remember ‘Battlestar Galactica’ or ‘Star Trek’?  Costumes from these kind of productions might be on the pricey side.

The ‘Addams Family’ and ’The Munsters’ can provide you with several characters each that might feed your ghoulish personality.


The Munsters Herman Munster Adult CostumeThe Munsters Lilly Munster Adult CostumeThe Munsters Eddie Munster Adult Costume

Costumes shown above are available at Buycostumes.com.   

A medical smock might be all you need to play a part from ER or Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle, Princess SummerFallWintersSpring are a few characters from ‘Howdy Doody’.

But Howdy, himself might be a bit of a challenge. Unless of course, someone has a wooden head and looks like him.  (He was a marionette.)  So, just go back to those golden days of television or ask your Mom or grandfather about some of the shows.  Google works, too!




Cartoon Characters Costumes!

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Cartoon Characters Costumes!

 I love cartoon character costumes.   Big, and baggy and goofy, and kids of all ages love them.  They are horribly uncomfortable but are usually the delight of any Halloween costume party.  Most of the famous cartoon characters that you see on TV, in the movies and even sometimes on a box of cereal are copyrighted and not available to rent or buy, at least for adults. 

 But at most all season costume shops, there likely will be a variety of really cute and funny characters.

 Cartoon animals, cartoon cute monsters and cartoon comic strip type characters are the most fun!

Wolf Mascot Adult Costume

Costume available at Buycostumes.com.  Click on ads in right column.

Although they can be ‘air conditioned’, most are stuffy and hot.  One way to reduce the heat is to put an ice pack or two into a bag and strap it over your shoulders so as to be a little lower than your arm pits. 

 Watch your shoes and feet.  The coverings are usually larger than your own shoes, and can cause havoc going up or down steps.  Many a character has been ‘tripped up’ by their own feet.


Fairy Tale / Geographical Costumes

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Geographical Costumes/Fairy Tales     

The brothers Grimm wrote many fairy tales, and most are depicted by costumes of their country of origin (Germany) at the time they penned their works.  Usually, these costumes are peasant costumes of the period.

 There are some fairy tale costumes that don’t necessarily fit a period or geographical location, though; such as ‘Red Riding Hood’.  Of course, a wolf as in the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is common to many countries and many periods in history.

Red Riding Hood Elite Collection Adult CostumeWolf Granny Adult Costume

Costumes pictured above are available at Buycostumes.com.  

But not all geographical costumes need to be from fairy tales.  Some can be taken from movies or a Broadway show, like “Sayonara” or “Sound of Music”. 

 Some don’t have to be associated with anything at all.  Just pick a country, any country, and adapt a costume.  If you are Scottish, then a kilt, shirt and sporran might be just the costume you want to wear to your Halloween costume party.  Some clothing costumes are indigenous to countries and locales such as a Muumuu costume from Africa, or a hula skirt from Hawaii.

Scottish Kilt Adult Plus Costume Sassy Lassie Adult Costume

Costumes pictured above are available at Buycostumes.com.  


Again, geography, history, movies and theatre and literature can be intermixed.  The possibilities are endless.    


Costumes! Personality Plays a Part

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Personality Plays a Part! 

Under the guise of a mask, makeup or a costume, you can be your own alter ego.  

Are you the quiet, shy, retiring type? Are you happy to be in the background; but yet yearning to be the life of the Halloween party?   Perhaps a hot, peppery Spanish dancer with a hint of cleavage, and a rose between your teeth.   Or Lorelei, the siren of the seas, luring sailors with her hypnotic voice? Perhaps a Saloon Girl from the bawdy West or Mae West, a bawdy lady from the movies?  And not to forget Scarlett O’Hara.

No real reason for this photo…it’s just colorful.  

Are you an outgoing, Type A personality who always draws attention, no matter the venue?  Wearing a costume that is opposite your personality is an option.   Going as Sister Mary, or as a virginal ‘Marian the Librarian’ (from ‘The Music Man’). Comedy, ala a pairing with your significant other, as in a pair of jailbirds; or Rag Dolls like ‘Raggedy Ann and Andy’.  Or opposites as in Satan and a beautiful angel?  Laurel and Hardy make a great cinematic and party team.

Who are you or who do you want to be?


Halloween Makeup Creativity

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Halloween Makeup Creativity

So I have a beauty guru channel on youtube and I really want to do a Halloween makeup tutorial but the problem is, I have no idea what to do a tutorial on! I mean I know it will be a halloween one, but I don’t know whether to do a witch or a fairy or a vampire or a mermaid or just any halloween costume will work!!!!! Please I need ideas and try to be creative.  I’m not looking for a cat or a banana I want something really cool like an evil queen or enchantrace anything will helpHalloween Makeup

Makeup does not hold the magical power that a Halloween mask can. They have the ability that will transform you into another place and time whether you want to be a superhero or heroine. By starting with a Halloween costume idea you can be anybody or anything that you desire for one night of the year. From the beginning of time humans wore masks either to worship gods or spirits of the earth. Another regular item for this type a mask would be using bird feathers and creating a beak that would create a haunting bird mask.Halloween Makeup

In fact, the popularity of Halloween is evident every year as many restaurants and bars, schools, offices and other organization have costumes parties. A week before Halloween day, a lot of establishment put up classic and modern Halloween decorations, prepare special Halloween menu and offer crazy discounts to entice people to join in the fun. Come to think of it! The number of parties going around during Halloween is the reason why costume maker and retailer make a large profit while professional makeup artist earned a lot on this day as Halloween makeup complete the attire.



A Visit to a Costume Shop – Animals, Mascots, Ladies Costumes

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A Visit to a Costume Shop – To Rent or To Buy

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A Visit to a Costume Shop – Wow! A Real Costume Shop…

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A Visit to a Costume Shop – The Invitation

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A Visit to a Costume Shop – 4 Parts

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Visit to a Costume Shop
Coming Verrrry Soon!
The next several days will devoted to visiting an actual, real life costume shop.  From that point on, we will go into specific areas of history, geography, literature and more areas to help you find the right costume for your Halloween event.  Short of money? We have an answer for that.  Plus size?  We have an answer for that as well.  Visit to a Costume Shop coming up
A few notes on the “Visit to a Costume Shop” follow:
Please visit us to see our four part video tour of a costume shop.
Caveat 1 – Each of the four parts is about 4 (or so) minutes long.
  Caveat 2 – The first video is more informational, as to how and where to find your local costume shop.
Caveat 3 – The last video may be at the top (as they were loaded sequentially, or not). so you might want to start at the third or fourth down, and work your way back up.