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Pilgrim Costumes for Thanksgiving

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Pilgrim Costumes for Thanksgiving 

Pilgrim costumes are essential for every school’s Thanksgiving celebration and reenactment. Baby thanksgiving costumes are cute and fun. Around the holiday season, I notice so many babies that are dressed up in holiday costumes.

Women’s Pilgrim Costumes are true to the authentic style of Pilgrim clothing. The ladies pilgrim dresses featured a long black dress with long wide sleeves. It may be simple but the look of it instantly puts you in the mood for turkey.

Men’s Pilgrim Costumes are also an accurate example of early settler’s wardrobe. The men’s costume features a black jacket with a white collar and cuffs, black pants, white socks and a pilgrim hat. Most Pilgrim costumes come with everything except the shoes which are sold separately. Whether worn by adults or children, Pilgrim costumes can make Thanksgiving a whole new experience.

Last Thanksgiving I saw babies dressed up as fruits and vegetables at the mall. Given the traditional focus of Thanksgiving, there are always costumes available online that you can purchase. I selected a few of the cutest costumes available to help make your decision a lot easier. There are a few classic costumes that I think are worth considering for your babyâs thanksgiving costume. I do have to admit those babies did look cute. It was a few days before Thanksgiving but the babies were still dressed up in their attire. As we all know, babies have a mind of their own. All the costumes on this page are cute but some of them seem a little more comfortable than others. Baby costumes are usually made with comfort in mind. The designers know that babies often move around so they build the costumes to provide plenty of wiggle room.