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For the Newbie Santa….A Few Last Minute Tips…

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For the Newbie Santa….A Few Last Minute Tips…

Your suit is ready. Your belt, boot tops, glasses and gloves are lined up, and show time is very soon.

Some children love to sit on Santa’s lap and chatter about how good they’ve been and what they want for Christmas.  Then there are those children, who love Santa from across the room or at a distance, but want nothing to do with him at a close up range. 

Don’t take it personally.  It’s not you.  It’s your persona.


And what to do about those little guys who want to tug on your beard to see if it’s real or those looking for clues as to who you really are.  From my experience, I never really let them get an angle on me where they could try to tug a beard, or look for any telltales signs that might provide them with a clue that you are not really Santa.  I sit them on my lap facing a little bit away from me, and a little more towards the audience (family, parents, whatever).  They then have to turn their face a little to the rear to see me, but their body is angled away from me so as to prevent those grabs and deeper glances. If you are a newbie, and concerned about the forthcoming interaction, your questions are probably less about the suit, and more about THE conversation.  And conversing with a 4 year old is always interesting to say the least. 

After plopping the child on my lap, I ask the usual questions such as ‘Were you a good little girl or boy?’, and ‘What would you like Santa to bring you?’ and offer a little advice on a few of their shortcomings (as provided by Mom or Dad). I might speak of my home at the North Pole or about Mrs. Santa or the Elves or the reindeer.  My needing to feed my reindeer or needing to see other children was always my exit line.

As to how to field the children’s questions?  Out of the mouths of babes come the least expected questions.  Either answer the question with a simple answer, or dazzle them with your intellect (G).  Basically brother, you’re on your own on this one.

How long should you hold the child?  Sometimes it seems like an eternity, and I’ve never been timed, but I would guess the average child is on my lap for only a couple of minutes.

Lastly, beware the Santa challenged child, though, for they might dampen thy suit.

Hmmm, maybe a backup pair of pants just in case.


The Santa Beard and Wig’s The Thing!

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The Santa Beard and Wig’s The Thing! 

Paraphrase from the William Shakespeare line, ‘the play’s the thing’.

Santa beards and wigs range from the department store Santa who might have spent several months in growing his own, to something you’d be ashamed to wear to an adult office Christmas party.

If it doesn’t fool a four-year-old, then it’s a bad Santa wig and beard set.  It may look fake to you, but it’s got to look good to a child. 

Discounting the quality of hair, Santa wigs are Santa wigs; and about the only difference in them might be bangs or no bangs, and perhaps in the hair styling itself.  We used a ‘marcell’ style creating a wavy look similar to the ladies hairstyles of the 1920’s.  The beard, too, was ‘marcelled’.

images (9)

Most Santa sets have an accompanying beard and attached mustache; but sometimes the mustache is a separate piece that needs to be attached with spirit gum.  Lose the mustache though, and replacing it to match the beard might be a challenge. 

The wig (hair) might be affixed to a cloth headpiece, or the hair might be embedded into a headpiece made of netting.  The netting allows more air flow and might be more comfortable, but both work if they fit properly.

Beards (hair) are similar but use only a chin strap (cloth or netting) to attach the hair to.  The cloth needs to be washable, without the possibility of shrinking.  Flannel or any shrinkable chin straps or wig bases would be a poor choice.

 Oh. The hair itself, you ask?  There are human hair wig & beard sets on the market, as well as yak hair (made from the hair of a yak) and as long as the fit is good they are usually a smart purchase.  The fit might be dependent upon where they were manufactured.  A Chinese large head size might be comparable to an American small head size.  And with the proliferation of defective Asian products these past few years, caveat emptor in general.

Synthetic sets (nylon, Orlon, etc.) are available as well, and some are good and some are not so good.  It’s always best to try on the products if that is an option. 

Then there are those wig and beard sets that look like cotton.  Some are mohair, and some are also synthetic.  One they become soiled, they are not washable nor cleanable.  These are the type that usually accompanies a new Santa suit.  My primary objection to them is they won’t pass the ‘four-year-old’ test.

The ability to wash, clean, and restyle the wig on an ongoing, year-to-year basis is another consideration.  The hair might look good, but if the skull cap (base) loses its shape in a washing, you will be buying another set next year. 

Don’t…Don’t…Don’t…throw wigs and beards into a washing machine or dryer.  Never! Never! Never! 

The care and cleaning of a Santa beard and wig set will be a subject for another day.


Buying Your New Santa Claus Wig and Beard Set

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What to look for in buying your new Santa Claus Wig and Beard set.

 In a later video, we will discuss the cleaning, dressing, care and storage of your new set.  In the meantime..Ho!!..Ho!!..Ho!!


Buying a New Santa Costume?

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Buying a New Santa Costume?

It’s early, I know.  

But it might be time to start thinking about your new SANTA COSTUME. The old one is getting frayed at the edges and it’s obviously seen way too many chimneys. Hmmm…is that a crumb? And what about that stain? Are they the remains of a cookie and spilled milk from a Christmas past?

All new Santa outfits should include a jacket, pants, and a hat; as well as a belt and boot tops (fake boots ala boot covers).  A wig and beard may or may not be included with the costume.

Velvet Complete Santa Costume - Adult

Santa costumes are available at our AMAZON COSTUME STORE (click tab below banner)

The cost of the suits will vary considerably due to the quality of the fabric and trimming.  If a wig and beard are included, that too will be a factor.  Cloth suits are usually quite inexpensive, and of course, the plush suits are quite pricey, comparatively speaking. The quality of the white trim around the collar, down the front and on the bottom of the sleeves will also help dictate the price. 

You’re on a budget, you say?   As a lifetime professional costumer, I suggest that you buy the absolute best quality Santa beard and wig that you can afford, and the least priced suit; if money is an issue.  A good Santa wig and beard will enhance a lesser quality suit; while a cheap wig and beard will substantially diminish the appearance of a good suit.  You can always upgrade the suit in a number of ways at a later time.

Children will be looking at the hair and beard, not the suit; if they are looking at all. What are the attributes of a good Santa outfit and Santa beard and wig? Stay tuned, boys and girls.   

More to Follow!!

Note that Santa suits usually DO NOT include the wig and beard nor other accessories like glasses, gloves, etc.  These suits are in the middle of the price scale….while others are higher and still others are less.




Costumes for Valentine’s Day


Costumes for Valentine’s Day

Wearing costumes is a romantic way to express your affection for your significant other on Valentines Day. Whether you’re looking for adult Halloween costumes, kids Halloween costumes – or costumes, and accessories for any occasion – you will find what you need here.   

In addition to plus size Valentines Day costumes you will also find that the costume companies also have Valentine’s Day decorations for your home, car, dorm room, office and even a car. It’s quite romantic to go out to your car and see a Valentine’s Day decoration on the windshield (just be sure to sign it so that she/he knows that it’s from you.).

Retailers around the world push traditional gifts such as heart shaped chocolates, cards, flowers and jewelery, but what women really want often times gets blurred out from all the marketing that goes on before Valentines Day.

A young lady that has in mind sexy Valentines Day gift ideas when looking for a gift for her husband or boyfriend can simplify things by waiting at home for her mate dressed in one of the Valentines Day outfits from Halloween Mart.

Valentines Day outfits comes in a variety of styles that include naughty Cupid costumes, Be Mine Cupid outfits, Queen of Hearts costumes, Queen of Broken Hearts outfits, petticoat dresses, satin garter dresses, camo cutie costumes and sexy school girl costumes.

Women that prefer wearing Valentines Day lingerie for the holiday could dress up in a Valentine heart chemise, Valentine heart bra and tanga set, Daisy Mae pink bra and panty set, polka dot bra and thong set or one of many other styles of Valentines Day lingerie.

For something a little more intimate, check out the huge selection of Valentine’s Day Lingerie They make a great gift whether you are the one giving or receiving because both of you will reap the benefits.


Stage and Theatre Makeup! For Christmas and All Year Round!

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Stage and Theatre Makeup!  For Christmas and All Year Round!

Stage makeup is more than lathering on a heavy layer of grease paint or pancake; or applying your mascara on heavier than usual, so that you aren’t washed out looking under the bright lights on stage.

Stage makeup might include making a ‘Rudolph’ nose out of nose putty or adding prosthetic ears for one of Santa’s elves, or anything else that might be ‘face-altering’ so as to achieve a specific look. 

Some brands of stage makeup are better than others.  Most stage makeup is Hypo-Allergenic (but check the label to be certain).  In our former life in the brick and mortar costume retail business, we sold ‘Mehron’ and ‘Ben Nye’ brands, along with a couple that no longer exist.

For a general makeup book, you might want to review ‘Stage Makeup’ by Richard Corson.  Hopefully you can find it at your local library, as it is a little pricey.



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Christmas is only 1 day away



 NO, It’s Today!

Christmas is now here, with its array of costumed characters.  Of course, Santa is our December star, but he needs a lot of help from Mrs. Santa, the elves, Dancer and Prancer and the rest of the reindeer and a few Santa Belles. Brrrr….it’s cold, but our Snowman is happy with the weather. 

And the season abounds with Tin Soldiers, and Nutcrackers and Toy costumes of every kind.  Not to mention “The Nutcracker” and “A Christmas Carol” costumes.

And how do we know all about costumes?  We have been in business for 149 years (since 1860).  Our origin goes back to the James Buchanan presidency (the one before Abraham Lincoln).  That’s a long time ago, although none of us are quite that old .

For ALL of your Santa or Christmas Season costume questions,  our email address is: 

(note that this is not a live link, you’ll need to cut and paste)


How to Make a Santa Claus Costume : How to Age Yourself for a Santa Costume

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Learn some great tips on how to age yourself for a Santa Claus costume for a Christmas party in this free holiday video clip on holiday costume ideas. Expert: Matt Cail  Filmmaker: randy primm

EDITORS NOTE:  Bad Advice, Matt.  Liquid Latex has ammonia as one of it’s primary ingredients.  It should NEVER be used that close to the eyes, IMHO.  Even after the ammonia evaporates, oft times there is a stinging or burning sensation.

It is also a latex (rubber  like) based product which might cause an allergic reaction, or if it gets into the lashes or brows it might be difficult in removing.  It also has a sheen, so that it will require a tad of powder to reduce the sheen.

BTW, the Santa Wig and beard used in this video is about a step or two up from the bottom grade.  Poor sewing, too much shine, doesn’t look real…..a poor choice in a wig and beard set.


Duration : 0:1:20


If Santa Claus is supposed to be a big fat man, why is it impossible to buy Santa costumes in sizes like XXL?


Q: “The largest Santa costume I have ever seen was sized XL. And even those XL’s are quite meagre sized, closer to a large than an extra large. Surely if Santa was a big fat man, they should make Santa costumes to fit big fat men. There’s nothing in this world that looks as stupid as a thin Santa.”

A. “There’s nothing in this world that looks as stupid as a thin Santa.That’s the fist time I have ever heard a skinny person discriminated against. Too funny!”

Editors note: In my past life, we had Santa costumes that fit men well over 500 lbs. and the costumes were listed as XXL or even XXXL. Presently, most suits are manufactured in Asia, and don’t seem to follow most sizing standards.  I would recommend checking with your nearest fulltime costume shop.  Here is a link that will assist you.


How to Make a Santa Claus Costume : How to Add Trousers to a Santa Costume


Learn how to add trousers a Santa Claus costume for a Christmas party in this free holiday video clip on holiday costume ideas. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: Bio: Matt Cail is an artist who works in oil, water color and acrylic paints, among others. Filmmaker: randy primm

Duration : 0:1:21