Santa Belles, Miss Santas

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Santa Belles, Miss Santas

They were called Santa Belles, and now sometimes called Miss Santa’s, but either way, they were are the young ladies who assist Santa in handing out the Christmas gifts.  Short, sexy, cute outfits that young girls wear as they are assisting Santa in handing out gifts.   

The key was that the Santa Belles wore dresses that were knee length, maybe an inch or so higher or an inch or so lower.  This was the optimum length so as to not offend anyone, long enough for modesty, and yet short enough so as to catch the eye of Dad. Or Grandad.  Or Great Granddad.

Always red in color, and made of various fabrics, but always trimmed in the same white plush that trimmed Santa’s outfit.  Around the neckline, and cuffs, and often times around the hem of the skirt. 

Santas Inspiration Adult Costume

Our Santa Belle outfits (when I had a shop) had white boot tops to match the trimming, and either white or red tights so as to not show any flesh, but still have appeal.

Perhaps a white plush fur beret, or maybe a white plush barrette, or maybe an entirely different kind of hat or cap topped off the outfit.



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