We nearly forgot…the Elves

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We nearly forgot…..the Elves

We nearly forgot the elf costumes, or elves as they would be in plural.  Elf costumes would probably not be used at a home party because most home parties only feature Santa.  However, if your local church, or union or office is sponsoring a Christmas party, it may come replete with a cast of characters such as Mrs. Santa, Santa Belles, a reindeer or two and a snowman.   Elves (sounds like Elvis, doesn’t it?) might be in abundance as well. 

Green and Red Elf Adult Costume

Of all the costumes, the Elf is the easiest and by far the most comfortable.  With a little imagination, you might be able to construct one at home; as all it requires is a pair of tights (well, you might not have tights at home), a tunic, hat, cord, and something to cover the shoes.  

OK, maybe this post is a little late for this year, but you might consider this for your various parties next year. Make a note.


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