Valentines Day Costume Ideas

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Valentines Day Costume Ideas

A young lady that has in mind sexy Valentines Day gift ideas when looking for a gift for her husband or boyfriend can simplify things by waiting at home for her mate dressed in one of the Valentines Day outfits from one of our sponsors.

Valentines Day outfits come in a variety of styles that include naughty Cupid costumes, ‘Be Mine’ Cupid outfits, ‘Queen of Hearts’ costumes, ‘Queen of Broken Hearts’ outfits, petticoat dresses, satin garter dresses, camo cutie costumes and sexy school girl costumes.

Women that prefer wearing Valentines Day lingerie for the holiday could dress up in a Valentine heart chemise, Valentine heart bra and tanga set, ‘Daisy Mae’ pink bra and panty set, polka dot bra and thong set or one of many other styles of Valentines Day lingerie.

More plausibly, the tradition of expressing love on Valentine’s Day comes from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility rite held on February 15. Typically, the medieval church would try to combine saints’ feast days with pagan festivals, to boost Church loyalty and participation.

It is a ceremony,.. to draw Lots, which they term Valentines… The names of a select number of one Sex, are by an equal Number of the other put into some Vessel; and, after that, everyone draws a Name, which for the present is called their Valentine, and is also looked upon as good Omen of their Man and Wife afterward.


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