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Valentine’s Day Costume for a Young’n or Old’n

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Valentine’s Day Costume for a Young’n or Old’n

In years past if you wanted a Valentine’s Day costume for your infant or toddler you either had to make one or choose the standard Cupid costume. Other examples of secular holidays or celebrations where fancy dress are commonly used to portray specific characters would include; Valentines Day (Cupid or Eros) and US Independence Day (Uncle Sam).

For your Valentine’s Day party, decide on a theme and have the decorations, gifts, games, and costumes based on it. For instance, if you have a jungle theme party, the guests can come as Tarzan and Jane or dress up in counterpart animal suits (lion/lioness).

This sassy and sexy Valentine’s Day costume is perfect for a fun night out celebrating or a quiet but unforgettable night staying in. This ensemble features bright, vibrant colors and the classic Queen of Hearts card emblem on the front.

Costumes for Valentine’s Day (and other holidays) may be found at your local costume shop.  If a costume shop is not situated nearby, you can go to our AMAZON Costume store (right below the big, colorful banner above).  Since this is a direct link into Amazon you can feel safe in your purchases.  


Designed and handmade by a friend of rodents everywhere, this little cupid costume photo prop won´t bother or make your friend uncomfortable for short periods of time while you take pictures of your little sweetheart.