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Can Your Santa Claus Be Too Large??

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Can Your Santa Be Too Large?  

And if you decide to super size, where can you find Santa costumes that large?

Kris Kringle Suit 3X Costume

In my years of experience, it seems that many organizations, schools, churches and even families for home parties tried to find the largest guy they could to play the jolly little man with a pot belly.  Was he a little man?  Not likely, but he certainly would not have been gargantuan, either.

Even I, at 5’7″, and weighing in at 130# (at the time) played the role (with a pillow or two) once or twice. Way too small, but…

Has anyone considered what a 6’7″, 400# Santa looks like to a small child?  If a person that size looks huge to me, he must look like the giant in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’  to a toddler.  Santa can be frightening enough to some children even without the size factor. More attention should be paid to the personality of your Santa and how he interacts with children, rather than finding the largest person available.

Editors note:  In my past life, we (costume renters) were able to fit Santa’s over 500#, but the present sizing may not follow most sizing standards.  I would recommend checking with your local full  service costume shop who might be able to help you.  Check for one in you area by clicking on this site: