Santa Masks …Don’t Do it!!

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Santa Masks…Don’t Do It!!

Although we’ve focused on Santa costumes and Santa beards and wigs over the past few weeks, but today we discuss Santa masks. We never carried Santa masks when we had a brick and mortar business although the qualities of some of the masks were absolutely great. As great as they were, they were expressionless, unless of course you consider one permanent expression as an expression.  Even the youngest of children will recognize that a mask is not a face, even though they may not even know what a mask is. Little of Santa’s face is seen behind a wig and beard, but his eyes are fully visible (not partially blocked off by the latex mask).  The wrinkle in his brow, or the glimpse of his lips add to the ‘realism’.  Masks simply don’t convey the same message.

I found this mask on the net somewhere, and while it might be OK for an office party, it’s a poor substitute for a wig and beard.

If you can’t fool the child one year, you may have lost him him/her for the next several. Once I said, if you have limited funds, buy the best wig and beard you can afford, and the least expensive suit.   Likewise, if you have limited funds, buy the least expensive wig and beard; and don’t waste a dime on a Santa mask, no matter how good the Santa mask may seem.

The mask below is not recommended unless of course, it is a joke.



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