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Santa Masks …Don’t Do it!!

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Santa Masks…Don’t Do It!!

Although we’ve focused on Santa costumes and Santa beards and wigs over the past few weeks, but today we discuss Santa masks. We never carried Santa masks when we had a brick and mortar business although the qualities of some of the masks were absolutely great. As great as they were, they were expressionless, unless of course you consider one permanent expression as an expression.  Even the youngest of children will recognize that a mask is not a face, even though they may not even know what a mask is. Little of Santa’s face is seen behind a wig and beard, but his eyes are fully visible (not partially blocked off by the latex mask).  The wrinkle in his brow, or the glimpse of his lips add to the ‘realism’.  Masks simply don’t convey the same message.

I found this mask on the net somewhere, and while it might be OK for an office party, it’s a poor substitute for a wig and beard.

If you can’t fool the child one year, you may have lost him him/her for the next several. Once I said, if you have limited funds, buy the best wig and beard you can afford, and the least expensive suit.   Likewise, if you have limited funds, buy the least expensive wig and beard; and don’t waste a dime on a Santa mask, no matter how good the Santa mask may seem.

The mask below is not recommended unless of course, it is a joke.




Sexy Costumes-Coquettish, Cute, Comfortable!

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 Sexy Costumes-Coquettish, Cute, Comfortable!

Costumes shown above are available at Annie’s Costumes.  Annie’s ad appears as ‘Halloween Costumes’ in column to the right of this article.

Sexy Devils, sexy angels, sexy witches, sexy cats, sexy nurses!   Sexy! Sexy! Sexy!

And most have one thing in common, cleavage and/or legs. 

One’s figure might be factored into this sexy equation.  Sometimes the wrong form in the wrong costume might be a formula for dis-ass-ter.  And even if one’s figure is not that of an hour glass, then a little camouflaging might be in order.

An old friend used to say “Don’t give ‘em the whole show”.  Agreed!  A little cleavage and a nicely turned ankle oft times is much more alluring than near nudity.

With a nip and a tuck here and there, almost any kind of costume can be converted into a ‘sexy this or sexy that’.

Fishnet hose or fishnet tights are usually an integral part of a sexy costume.  One word of caution.  Always wear mesh tights or hose with a seam in the back, and to make sure that seam is straight.  I’m sure you have a ‘significant other’ that will volunteer to make sure that seam is straight, while casting an admiring glance. 



What are some good costume ideas that i could create at home?


Another good, last minute idea for a costume, as submitted by a pair of unknown authors.


“i dont have any costumes because i decides to go trick or treating today on halloween and now theres no time.. but does anyone know any ideas for a 14 yr old grl for a home made costume(besides the pj costume thing lol) like should i paint my face a ladybug or something?”


“Ask your folks if you can borrow the laundry basket. Cut a hole out for you to step into- wearing it like a dress. It’ll be ruined, so ask first! Then pin some dryer sheets to your shirt in a random fashion. Then a few socks. Pinning them to the shirt and the bottom of your dress so they flow down. Then put sn empty botte of bleach and/or fabric softener in the basket, along with the empty box the dryer sheets came in, as well as an empty laundry soap bob. Walah!!! You’re, guess what…………… dirty laundry! Have fun and Happy Halloween!”



How can i find inexpensive adult costumes? Or tips for easy home made costumes?


A question and answer from two unknown authors. Hope the sources listed are good, as I have no knowledge of them myself.  That last sentence is called a disclaimer.

Question:I would like something unique and not slutty but still beautiful. If anyone knows how to make easy at home costumes please i need some tips. I would love to do something earthy like Mother Earth or Mother Nature. I saw some beautiful mid evil looking Mother Earth costumes on line but they are kind of pricey and id be afraid to buy online. Maybe i could buy an earthy colored, mid evil looking costume that isn’t too expensive and add some fall leaves and flowers? IDK Any ideas?” 

Answer:  “costume.lifetips.com become.com momswhothink.com http://familycrafts.about.com/cs/halloweentheme/a/091399.htm http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/ http://www.robinsfyi.com/holidays/halloween/costumes.htm http://www.costumepage.org/hallocst.html http://familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts/season/specialfeature/halloween_ms_costumes/ http://www.1halloween.net/html/costumes.html http://www.costume-works.com/homemade_halloween_costumes.html http://www.mahalo.com/homemade-halloween-costumes “


It was a dark and stormy night….

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It was a dark and stormy night…. 

The rain is pouring, and gusts of wind.  The sky is black with hundreds, perhaps thousands of lightning strikes….

A clap of thunder…then another, and another…

The old church clock ticks off the last few seconds before midnight…..nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…

Scared yet?  Well you better be if you haven’t gotten your Halloween costume for that Hallowed Eve only three days hence.

What?  You don’t even have a Halloween costume idea?

Perhaps a review of this site will give you a few last minute ideas.  So wait not; hie to your nearest costume shop or…….. prepare for everlasting doom….!!!!!



Halloween Costumes Slideshow


Slideshow of clever, fun, nerdy and sexy costumes of past years from a lot of friends.

Duration : 0:2:56


Make A Catwoman Costume


Here is a cheap and easy way to make a Catwoman costume for halloween
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Duration : 0:1:57


Sexy Bunny Costume


Here is a cheap and easy way to make a Sexy Bunny Costume for Halloween.

Duration : 0:2:7


Plus Size Halloween Costumes

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http://www.squidoo.com/PlusSize-Halloween-Costumes Dressing up in costume is a fun way to let your personal style run wild. Halloween is the peak season for costume shopping and just because you wear a plus size doesn’t mean you’re limited in your costume choices. Go to http://www.squidoo.com/PlusSize-Halloween-Costumes to find out more! – created at http://animoto.com

Duration : 0:1:28


Good Halloween costumes for a teen who wants to look cute but not slutty…


There has been a trend toward sexy costumes for teens and even pre-teens. Here is a question from one of those young people:

“I have to preform at a halloween band concert with the costume so i wanna look good, not weird. nothing stupid pleassee (ex NO bananas or john mccain costumes etcetc) ive got red hair so i got raggedy ann costume ideas, but i want more just incase, links help. thanks i really apreciate it”

The answer received was “Clara Bow (Famous Seductress of the 1920’s) Lucille Ball (Of I Love Lucy) Jessica Rabbit (Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Queen Elizabeth I Lily Potter Jean Grey (of X-Men) Erin Esurance (From E-surance commercials) Princess Fiona (of Shrek) Daphne (of Scooby Doo) Ginger (of Gilligan’s Island) Wilma Flintstone Jane Jetson Mary Jane Parker (of Spiderman) Wendy of the Wendy’s Restaurants Lizzie Borden (Famous axe murderer) Rose McGowan (of Charmed fame) Kim Possible Blossom (of Power Puff Girls) Strawberry Shortcake or Ariel from little mermaid (: hope this helped”

Not bad ideas!